FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
  • We suggest wearing comfortable clothing that you would not mind getting wet and a hat. Customers usually wear swimsuits, athletic type clothing, sandles that fasten to your feet, tennis shoes, and a hat.

What else should I bring?
  • We suggest you bring sunscreen, drinking water, and a great attitude. You can also bring sunglasses, a water proof camera, bug repellent, and a dry pair of shoes and a towel for the way home. You can also bring your own PFD or dry bag (we provide PFD's for everyone).
Is this safe and what if I'm not a good swimmer?
  • We are confident that as long as you follow the necessary precautions kayaking can be a safe activity. We provide you with a safety overview, the necessary safety equipment, and have chosen locations that can provide you with the safest experience possible. Before we let you start your trip we will thoroughly go over safety information and the basics of paddling. If you are not a strong swimmer we will require you to wear your PFD. As with all outdoor activities there are inherent risks involved and we do our best at 3D Outdoor Rentals to minimize those risks for you.
How old should my child be before they can kayak?
  • We recommend that a child be at least 8 years old before they kayak on their own. However, weight and personal ability should also be taken into consideration. If you feel that your child is a good enough swimmer and has enough ambition to paddle, then we will try to accommodate you! For very little ones, we recommend having them in the kayak with an adult.
Where does 3D Outdoor Rentals deliver?
  • We deliver to the Old Church Road parking lot, however we are able to deliver to other Blue Marsh Lake locations depending on the time and our availability. For our creek runs we deliver to the Stilling Basin at Blue Marsh Lake, and in Leesport for our Schuylkill River run.
How do I pay?
  • You have the option to pay online (which is highly encouraged! :) or you can pay in-store. We accept most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and of course, cash.